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ICO balance transfer

We would like to emphasize, that it is mandatory for all ICO participants to complete the ICO Reclaim BEFORE creating an account on DECENT GO. In case you haven’t done it already, please go to https://icoreclaim.decentgo.com/, complete all the steps and switch to DECENT GO only AFTER your account has been successfully RECLAIMED.

The transfer of DCT balance is a serialized process in which we will update your balance and check it manually several times before the transaction is finally confirmed and saved in the blockchain. This will be done to ensure no discrepancies occur. Please note: It may take some time from the date of your account creation to finalized the transfer of your DCT balance. So please, do not worry, if your balance is not displayed immediately when the account is created. In this, we must ask you for patience, as we are doing this for your own protection.