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ICO Reclaim Portal Instructional Guide

This instructional guide will walk you through how to transfer your DCT balance into the ICO Reclaim Portal and finalize the transfer to the DECENT Network. Please complete the following steps:

Step 1:  Sign Up at icoreclaim.decentgo.com

Enter the email that you used during the initial DECENT ICO setup. Enter a password. (this can be a new password or the same as you used with your email). Re-enter your password for confirmation and click “SIGN UP

An email will be sent to the address entered. Follow the instructions on the email to complete your account setup.

Step 2:  Email Verification

Check your email and follow the instructions to complete your account setup. If you did not receive an email, check your spam folder or click “RESEND”. If you still don’t receive an email after 5 minutes (most services deliver the email within a few seconds) then please submit a ticket stating the issue here.

Step 3:  2FA Options

Enter your phone number and select an option to receive a verification code OR select to use Google Authenticator. If you have selected “Text Me A Code” your verification code will be sent via SMS. If you have selected “Call Me With A Code” your verification code will be sent via automated phone call. If you have selected “Use Authy App” your verification code will be sent via the application. If you have selected "Google Authenticator" then you will receive a bar code to scan with the application.

Step 4:  Enter Verification Code

Regardless of the method for which you chose to receive your verification code, you should receive that code within seconds. Enter the verification code and click “VERIFY” to continue. You also have the ability to change the authentication method to one of the previous options. If you did not receive the verification code, click “RESEND”.

Step 5:  Generate Recovery Phrase to complete Setup

Generate a recovery phrase to recover your account if you lose or forget your login credentials.

You can re-generate your recovery phrase anytime until:

  1. You change your password on this ICO reclaim portal (you get a new recovery phrase).
  2. You create your Blockchain account on DECENT Network (then you need to generate a new recovery phrase via DECENT GO in Security settings).

Step 6: Enter Password

In order to proceed and generate your recovery phrase, please re-enter your password for verification.

Step 7: Save Your Recovery Phrase

Your recovery phrase has been generated. Please SAVE it in a secure folder (it is recommended to save your phrase offline). This recovery phrase is for added security as an optional recover your account if you lose or forget your login credentials.

When you have saved your Recovery Phrase in a private and secure location, click the button “OK I SAVED MY PHRASE”.  

Congratulations! You have now completed ICO Reclaim. Your tokens still need to be transferred to DECENT Network. To do this you need to initialize your account on DECENT GO and wait until your tokens are distributed which will take some time. 

Step 8:  Initialize your account on DECENT Network

EXTREMELY IMPORTANT: ICO participants should NEVER try to sign up for a new account on DECENT GO using the same email used for the ICO.

  1. LOG IN at decentgo.com using the same credentials as you used for ICO Reclaim Portal to transfer your account to the DECENT Blockchain network.
  2. Once you have successfully logged in to DECENT GO your transfer will be verified and finalized through a semi-automated process which may take some time. 
  3. If there are any issues with login or if the transfer has not been finalized after 20 working days, you must submit a ticket