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Account management

How to create an account
** ICO Participants please view the ICO Reclaim Portal Instructional Guide for i... more
How to login
1. Visit http://decentgo.com/ (https://www.decentgo.com/) 2. Click on the "Log ... more
Recovery Phrase
You need recovery phrase for recovering your account. You can find it under Secu... more
Password Hint
You should create your password HINT as a reminder in case you forget your Passw... more
How to enable Two factor authentication
How To Enable Two Factor Authentication (2FA) 1. Log In to your account on DECE... more
Your public and private key
NOTE: When downloading and configuring DECENT Network GUI, you will need to inpu... more
How to recover my account
In case you have forgotten your account password, click on "Forgot Password?" fr... more