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HowTo: Transfer DCT from Bittrex

This is a DECENT community powered HowTo, thanks to ev.dev.

1. Go to your Bittrex account, under wallets search for DCT and click the [ - ] button to withdraw DCT.

It will ask for the address and amount and a memo (which you can leave blank).

2. In your DCT wallet, copy your Encrypted Alternate wallet address. 

3. Paste in the Bittrex withdrawal window, under Registered Acct.. 

  • Enter the amount (allow for transaction fee)
  • Complete by clicking Withdrawal
  • (Don’t need a Memo when withdrawing so you can leave this blank)

4. Check Email for verification of the transaction - This may not happen everytime, but if your withdrawal is “pending” you should check your email because they may have sent you a verification link in order to process your request.

5. Enjoy your DCT Balance increase with your newly transferred funds!