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What is DECENT Network?

DECENT Network is a next-generation platform for digital authors (content creators who share their product on the network) and content consumers. It is blockchain-based, decentralized and open source. Blockchain technology guarantees trust and security with a transparent record of transactions, embedded with the highest level of encryption. An easy to use solution to the problem of how to more fairly and directly reward content creators.

Unlike it’s competitors, there are virtually no limitations as to the type of media that can be published on DECENT Network. It could be songs, books, articles, videos, source code, or anything really and in almost any format. It is a decentralized network of connected individuals and organizations that can share their work, information or ideas without being dependent on any middleman or 3rd party on a secure and trustworthy blockchain platform.

DECENT Network has the intention of revolutionizing data distribution across the Internet and aims to become an adaptation in everyday life. The open-source nature of the new blockchain platform allows for other developers to build functionality and applications on top of the existing architecture, creating a seemingly endless amount of use cases.