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What is DECENT GO?

DECENT GO is a Digital Marketplace built on top of DECENT Network's Blockchain Platform, which allows content publishing and buying on a peer-to-peer principle. All users are able to create an account wallet, search for content and authors, browse content by category, read content descriptions and user comments, purchase content and leave a rating and a review on the content. Authors (content creators) have the ability to upload their own content, assign it to a category, write a description of the content, choose its lifetime duration, and allocate its price.

DECENT GO allows the direct support of artists and digital content creators by way of community interest and content consumerism. The unique platform benefits both authors and consumers by saving them money through the elimination of middlemen and 3rd party controls. To put it simply, proceeds from purchases on the application go directly to the author, without the hassle of fees or restrictions.

The users can explore the abilities of decentralized online publishing and build a lifetime reputation saved in the immutable transaction records of DECENT's blockchain platform. DECENT GO will include an online DCT Wallet which will display the user’s DCT balance and allow him/her to transfer a certain amount to another account.